Reviews “The Monkey & the Mouth”

Dagens Næringsliv
They were already the country’s biggest band, but after the “Heisann Montebello” project – or should it be called a commercial masterpiece – they are on a whole new level. 

Think Pink Floyds “The Wall”

Hats off to Karpe Diem for daring to go so far into the absurd, and director Thea Hvistendal who with such confidence builds a universe that is both distinct and also something different to anything we have seen in Norwegian cinema before. 

A great artistic boost ends with a movie that is surplus. Cool, touching and hysterical at the same time.

Adjø Montebello is an artistically ambitious music film that mixes songs, different perspectives, and social criticism in an original mixture of fiction and concert film.

Karpe diem break borders with their experimental concert poem <Adjø Montebello>.

The experience itself is a treat. That a concert film could be so thought provoking was unexpected.