The Producer

Einar Film og Fortellinger was established in January 2004 by director Morten Tyldum and his long-time producer Guri Neby. Einar Film is the largest commercial production company in Norway and has won more accolades and awards than any other. In the spring of 2016 a fiction division was established, led by producer Kristin Emblem and Therese Bøhn. 


Attached to the company are directors 

Morten Tyldum (Passengers, Imitation Game, Headhunters)

Aksel Hennie (Uno), 

Thea Hvistendahl (The Monkey and the Mouth)

Jens Lien (The Bothersome Man, Viva Hate)  

Eirik Svensson (Unge Lovende, One Night in Oslo)


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